The nation held its breath in quiet hope Tuesday morning as Chris Brown announced that he was “probably” quitting music after the release of his forthcoming album X. (The reason, as always, was the haters, specifically those in “mainstream America.”)

But will Brown ever make good on his promise? Let’s check in on the histories of other artists who promised to quit the music industry recently. Did any of them ever actually leave the game behind for good?

WHO: Adele
WHEN: February 2012
WHY: For love (literally: “Adele: I’m Quitting Music For Love”)
DID IT STICK? Sort of. A few months later she recorded the Bond anthem “Starfall,” but there’s been nothing since.

WHO: Fantasia
WHEN: April 2013
WHY: “I didn’t want to do anything that I wasn’t true to.”
DID IT STICK? No. Her label introduced her to producer Harmony Samuels, who helped her make Side Effects of You, the album she was promoting at the time of the interview. (Handy how that works.)

WHO: Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy
WHEN: March 2012
WHY: “Haters.”
DID IT STICK? No. Fall Out Boy reunited earlier this year, releasing the critically acclaimed Save Rock and Roll.

WHO: Toni Braxton
WHEN: February 2013
WHY: “I don’t know what it is… My heart’s not in it anymore.”
DID IT STICK? No. She’s currently recording a duets album with Babyface, to be released next month.

WHO: James Blunt
WHEN: October 2012
WHY: “I just want to take some time out for myself.”
DID IT STICK? No. Blunt revealed later that he was just joking.

WHO: Phil Collins
WHEN: March 2011
WHY: Health troubles, including hearing loss and nerve damage, from decades of performing.
DID IT STICK? Yes! It looks like medical issues are the only thing that can truly force a pop star into an early retirement. (Don’t get any big ideas, Breezy haters…)

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